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Photo Credit: One for the Wall Photography

About Me

Hi - My name is Jessica! 

I'm a photographer. 


I enjoy finding and showing you the beauty in all people through portrait photography, just the same as I enjoy finding the beauty in every day life.


A bit about me... I enjoy a nice cup of tea, any kind of Italian food, watching Marvel movies, and traveling as much as I can.  I'm a wife, mother of two children (three if you count my fur baby Rosie), and collector of vintage tea cups and books.  I love anything and everything to do with elephants.

I am a Nikon person, enjoy a cloudy day or a beautifully lit studio, and I absolutely love using my camera to capture part of your story.  Let me help you create a fantastic experience and make some memories!


Thanks for visiting my website - feel free to contact me anytime.

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